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Energy Cutters
A subsidiary of Ecosystems Consulting, EnergyCutters offers fully customised energy assessments and audits of residential, commercial and office buildings to save you energy and money!
In line with AS/NZS 3598.1:2014 [Commercial Buildings] Ecosystems Consulting can undertake Level 1 and Level 2 Energy Audits of your operation and provide customised feedback and reporting. Using light meters, thermal infra-red sensors and appliance monitoring I will determine where you can save money through changing your lights or appliances - or simply suggest how best to use what you already have. 

I can also undertake individual assessments such as time of use and office lighting.

Ecosystems Consulting Home Energy Audit or Assessment 

A home energy audit or home energy assessment, our ecological consultant will assess how much energy your home consumes and suggest you to take necessary measures to make your home or property more energy efficient.
Level 1 Energy Audit

This audit type is suitable for small  OR low energy expenditure commercial (or domestic) sites.  It can also be used as a scoping exercise for a more detailed energy audit at a larger site. 

    • On-site survey & energy assessment of all energy using equipment 
    • Overview of energy consumption and costs
    • Identification of low cost opportunities to reduce consumption
    • Overview of the extent of more capital intensive opportunities
    • Indication of potential savings and benefits from a more detailed audit (eg. Level 2)
    • Fully customised report with prioritised action plan

 from $500 
 plus $250 for each additional billed system*
Level 2 Energy Audit
This audit type provides detailed analysis to quantify the full range of opportunities for a site. It is not necessary to undertake a Level 1 audit prior. 
    • Detailed analysis of energy consumption using past energy bills and interval data (if avail.)
    • On-site measurements including appliance, lux and thermal assessments 
    • Review and analysis of equipment, systems, and usage habits 
    • Identification of opportunities for improvement
    • Indicative costs and projected annual savings from identified actions
    • Fully customised report with prioritised action and investment plan

from $1000 
plus $500 for each additional billed system*
* Base prices are for sites where all consumption is on a single bill. Where the site supports additional billing systems, additional costs are charged.
** We do not undertake Level 3 energy audits which include installation of sub-system monitoring equipment. 

Why choose me to provide your energy audit & assessment?

  • Fully customised reports. NO "pro-forma" templates as many other auditors do.  

  • Over ten years local experience understanding the pressures of operating a sustainable business.
  • Industry Skills Council endorsed energy audit accreditation.
  • FULLY INDEPENDENT assessment - no connections to retailers or installers.

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